Frankenstein (1931)

on November 21, 1931 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Once in a great while a truly remarkable screen production comes along that leaves its stamp of impression on our memory. Universal in producing "Frankenstein" has such a picture. From the standpoint of the story, cast, direction and photography the picture is sure to rate with the greatest in picturedom. It is one of those weird and gruesome stories that brings shrieks and ejaculations from the feminine fans and sends a cold shiver up the spines of the sterner sex. It is a familiar tale about a young scientist who creates a monster which overpowers him and despite his desperate effort to tame it, the horrible creature escapes and becomes the terror of the countryside, attacking and killing any human who comes its way. Only by fire is it finally destroyed. Colin Clive as Frankenstein, the young scientist, and Boris Karloff as the monster are the chief characters audiences won't forget so easily because of their remarkable performances. Karloff evinces the possibilities of becoming a successor to Lon Chaney.

Advertise this as a thrill shocker. Every star is a bet. Use large cut-outs of "The Monster" in your lobby. Arouse public curiosity by stating: "To have seen `Frankenstein' is to wear a badge of courage."

Reel Journal, Dec., 1931 Universal 67 mins.

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