Full Tilt Boogie

on July 31, 1998 by Susan Green
For all those who consider "From Dusk Till Dawn" a masterpiece of modern cinema, "Full Title Boogie" should serve as a quintessential Quentin Tarantino touchstone. This uneven documentary by Sarah Kelly chronicles the 10-week shoot for the hip horror flick directed by Robert Rodriguez in unforgiving California desert locales. "Dusk" screenwriter Tarantino and co-star George Clooney steal the show with off-camera antics, at one point spoofing both the opening sequence of "Saturday Night Fever" and the unbridled adulation of young "Pulp Fiction" fans.
   Harvey Keitel emerges as the one sober--perhaps too sober--soul among a fun-loving cast and crew. When the non-union set is threatened with a shutdown, Kelly takes off on a long, pointless assault-journalism stunt at a IATSE convention in Miami. "They've got the whole union-Woody Guthrie thing on their side," Tarantino says, demonstrating a facile grasp of labor history. Starring Robert Rodriguez, George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Juliette Lewis and Harvey Keitel. Directed by Sarah Kelly. Produced by Rana Joy Glickman. A Miramax release. Documentary. Rated R for language, violence and some nudity. Running time: 101 min.
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