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The title character is a popular, well-adjusted singer (Mare Winningham), who is dogged by her admiring but unstable sister Sadie (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Although Sadie aspires to be a singer like Georgia, she simply hasn't the talent. "Georgia" tracks the difficult relationship of these two women at a pivotal time in their lives.
   Felled by a plodding midsection, "Georgia" has its weaknesses, but acting is not one of them. Jason Leigh and Winningham both fully inhabit their roles, with Winningham bringing impressive vocal powers to her part. Jason Leigh in particular is excellent, continuing to astonish with her risk-taking range of diverse yet often singularly unappealing women. Her Sadie makes an interesting companion piece to her recent turn for Alan Rudolph as Dorothy Parker, likewise a tormented, unknowable and self-destructive soul. It's rare and refreshing to see a film with two strong female characters, and if "Georgia" shines at all it is because of its two leads. Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mare Winningham and Ted Levine. Directed by Ulu Grosbard. Written by Barbara Turner. Produced by Barbara Turner and Jennifer Jason Leigh. A Ciby 2000 production; distribution pending. Drama/musical. Running time: 113 min.
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