Grandma's Boy

on January 06, 2006 by Tim Cogshell
Alex (frequent Adam Sandler collaborator Allen Covert) is a 36-year-old accountant who'd rather play video games -- so he does. Chucking his life of responsibility and boredom, Alex takes a job at Brainasium (manufacturer of the invented game "Eternal Death Slayer," which really ought to exist), where he becomes a happy game tester with a bunch of equally stoked but way younger co-workers. Everything is great until his roommate blows the rent on hookers and Alex finds himself homeless.

After making the rounds to his slacker friends, he sucks it up and moves in with his grandmother (Doris Roberts of TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond") and her two roommates, Bea (two-time Oscar nominee Shirley Knight), who's kinda senile, and Grace (Shirley Jones, aka the "Partridge Family" matriarch), who's kinda easy. The ladies keep Alex very busy, which, along with being a pot-head loser, makes it tough for him to win the affections of executive Samantha (Linda Cardellini).

On the heels of the surprise hit "The 40 Year-Old Virgin," one can't help but notice the like-minded intentions of "Grandma's Boy," a broad comedy about a middle-aged man living the life of a kid with his equally juvenile friends. Actually, "Grandma's Boy" has a good deal more in common with any given Adam Sandler film than it does "Virgin," which is to say it's plenty stupid, often funny and occasionally pithy. That may add up to a movie you want to see, or it might add up to a movie that will make you ill. Starring Allen Covert, Shirley Knight, Shirley Jones, Doris Roberts, Linda Cardellini, Kevin Nealon, Rob Schneider and David Spade. Directed by Nicholas Goossen. Written by Barry Wernick, Nick Swardson and Allen Covert. Produced by Allen Covert, Jack Giarraputo and Adam Sandler. A Fox release. Comedy. Rated R for drug use and language throughout, strong crude and sexual humor, and nudity. Running time: 96 min

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