Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers

on September 29, 1995 by Jon Matsumoto
This sixth install in the profitable "Halloween" series again finds archvillain Michael Myers returning to his hometown of Haddonfield for Halloween. Severely lacking in traditional family values, the masked bad guy has come back to pursue a sister and her newborn baby.
   As with most horror sequels, plot and narrative development are predictable. Myers isn't the most captivating of horror miscreants; the irreparable psycho, however ripping, isn't gripping. But the film does present a modestly intriguing spiritual/galactic tie-in to the MM legend, and the gore is a little less graphic than in most splatter fests. Starring Donald Pleasance and Paul Rudd. Directed by Joe Chappelle. Written by Daniel Farrands. Produced by Moustapha Akkad and Malek Akkad. A Miramax release. Horror. Rated R for strong horror violence and some sexuality. Running time: 88 min.
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