Hamilton Mattress

on June 06, 2002 by Charles Martin
A delightful and charming family film for all ages in the tradition of "Wallace & Gromit" and "Chicken Run," "Hamilton Mattress" is sure to please with its warm, witty, off-beat characters and story.

An aardvark named Sludger is only interested in one thing: being the first anteater to wear trousers. Through a series of mishaps, he finds himself in the hands of an ambitious inchworm agent, and together they head into the Big City to remake Sludger into Hamilton Mattress, percussionist extraordinaire.

Part country-meets-city tale, part rags-to-riches plot, part buddy movie (with a little Mae West thrown in), the film is chock full of zany characters, colorful sets and plenty of solid, imaginative laughs, even when things look darkest for our hero. It's a lovely tale about being yourself that will reach families at all age levels. Directed by Barry Purves. Written by John Webster and Anna Farthing. Produced by Christopher Moll. No distributor set. Animated. Not yet rated. Running time: 30 min.

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