Hav Plenty

on June 19, 1998 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   With only a shoestring budget and a few "How-To" books, filmmaker/star Christopher Scott Cherot has crafted an indie gem that fills a void in the market of urban-influenced art-house films. "Hav Plenty" tells the story of the impoverished Lee Plenty (Cherot) and his upper-class friend Havilland (Chenoa Maxwell). Lee is a down-on-his-luck aspiring writer whom nobody takes seriously--at first. It is clear to everyone but Havilland that she's enamored with Lee; she's too busy trying to get over her womanizing fiance to acknowledge her feelings.
   Cherot shows that a person doesn't have to have big bucks to be desirable; common sense and integrity are all you need. He also proves this point by casting himself in the title role: While Cherot's not a finely chiseled leading man, he is authentic and compelling. Occasional stumbled-over lines are forgivable in light of the complex, multi-level plotline.    Starring Christopher Scott Cherot and Chenoa Maxwell. Directed and written by Christopher Scott Cherot. Produced by Christopher Scott Cherot and Robyn M. Greene. A Miramax release. Drama. Rated R for strong language. Running time: 91 min.
Tags: Christopher Scott Cherot, Chenoa Maxwell, Robyn M. Greene, Miramax, Drama, indie, urban, writer, emotional

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