on September 15, 2006 by Kevin Courrier
"Haven" is a simple and straightforward crime drama that's turned into a needlessly complicated film. Bill Paxton plays a shady businessman who flees to the Cayman Islands with a million dollars and his only daughter, Pippa (Agnes Bruckner). Meanwhile, his equally disreputable lawyer Mr. Allen (Stephen Dillane) has a scheme to fleece his client once he arrives. Before we can discover what betrayal he has in mind, we get diverted into a tragic romantic melodrama between a British expat (Orlando Bloom) and an island girl (Zoe Saldana). Unfortunately, "Haven" never takes hold because writer/director Frank E. Flowers seems more interested in upping the ante on "Memento" and "21 Grams" by juggling sequences and cutting back and forth in time. You spend so much time trying to make sense of the narrative that the story has no other way to engage you. Starring Bill Paxton, Agnes Bruckner, Stephen Dillane and Orlando Bloom. Directd and written by Frank E. Flowers. Produced by Robbie Brenner. A Yari release. Drama. Rated R for language, drug use, sexual content and some violence. Running time: 115 min.
Tags: Bill Paxton, Agnes Bruckner, Stephen Dillane, Orlando Bloom, Frank E. Flowers, Robbie Brenner, Yari, Drama, complex, businessman, Caribbean, romantic

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