on April 17, 1987 by Kevin Courrier
   "Heaven" is a preposterous thriller about a divorced gambler, Robert (Martin Donovan), who meets up with a clairvoyant transvestite stripper named Heaven (Danny Edwards). She attempts to use her powers to help Robert restore his crumbling life, win his bitter legal battles with his ex-wife (Joanna Going), and gain custody of his son.
   "Heaven" combines some of the tricky time-shift cutting of "Performance" with the tony sex-confusion of "The Crying Game," but the effect is bludgeoning and confusing rather than illuminating. Scott Reynolds' attempt to create a moral parable about friendship and loyalty bogs down in unbelievable lapses of logic, gratuitous bloodshed and melodramatic tripe.    Starring Martin Donovan, Danny Edwards, Richard Schiff and Joanna Going. Directed and written by Scott Reynolds. Produced by Sue Rogers. Drama. Rated R for vicious, bloody violence including rape, pervasive strong language and sexuality/nudity. Running time: 103 min.
Tags: Martin Donovan, Danny Edwards, Richard Schiff, Joanna Going, Directed and written by Scott Reynolds, Produced by Sue Rogers, Drama, gustory, divorced, gambler, melodramatic

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