Hercules (1959)

on May 18, 1959 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   An elaborately staged and splendidly photographed costume spectacle packed with hair-raising adventures of the comic book variety, this Italian-made picture produced by Federico Teti is ideally suited to the fast playoff of saturation bookings, where the youngsters and action fans will "eat it up," or for the drive-ins. Joseph E. Levine, who had tremendous success with "Attila," also an Italian action spectacle, is planning a colossal exploitation campaign to launch this film for its summer showings, and the mass public is sure to make it a boxoffice hit. But, because sophisticated patrons might scoff at the early De Mille-type lavishness and pageantry, key city first runs should be bypassed. The only selling name is Steve Reeves, a handsome "hunk of man" who was Mr. Universe and whose weight and chest and waist measurements are played up as much as are Marilyn Monroe's. Reeves, who plays the title role, will never win any acting awards, and Sylva Koscina and some of the other Italian players are less than adequate--except visually. Directed Pietro Francisci concentrated on the storybook action. Magnificently shown in Dyaliscope and Eastman Color. Starring Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Fabrizi Mioni and Gianna Maria Canale.

Joseph E. Levine's big selling campaign includes radio, TV and magazines, as well as Vaughn Monroe's RCA Victor recording of the title song. Publicize Steve Reeves.

Immense and Immortal Was Hercules' Strength--Like the World and the Gods to Whom He Belonged...Steve Reeves, Handsome Mr. Universe, in a Role That Takes Advantage of His Strength and Courage.

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