Hijacking Hollywood

on June 06, 1997 by Dale Winogura
   A breezy, amusing little Hollywood satire, "Hijacking Hollywood"eventually burdens itself with excessive expository dialogue that the actors aren't quite equipped to handle. But writer/director/actor Neil Mandt sustains a brisk pace for the most part with some biting and sophisticated humor and astute perceptions on the movie power-game racket. br>   In a capable performance, Henry Thomas plays a naive Detroit kid working as a production assistant on a Hollywood epic called "Moby Dick 2: Ahab's Revenge." Picked on by his mean boss (Scott Thompson), the PA goes along with a plot by his wily roommate (Mandt) to extort money from the film's arrogant producer (Mark Metcalf, in a delightfully showy portrayal) by stealing undeveloped footage. In this way, they hope to finance their own film.
   Resourcefully made on a low budget, "Hijacking Hollywood" allows Mandt to rib the L.A. lifestyle and the movie business too broadly at times, but there are enough funny observations in it to allow audiences to pass the time pleasantly.    Starring Henry Thomas and Scott Thompson. Directed and produced by Neil Mandt. Written by Neil Mandt and Jim Rossow. A Curb release. Comedy. Unrated. Running time: 92 min.
Tags: Henry Thomas, Scott Thompson, Neil Mandt, Jim Rossow, Curb, Comedy

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