on May 31, 1995 by Ed Scheid
  &#160Dommy ("Twin Peaks'" James Marshall) and Mickey (Jeff Monahan, who also scripts) are assigned by a crime boss (Martin Sheen, in an interesting change-of-pace role) to follow a man and retrieve a briefcase he's stolen. Mickey has been recruited only becuase his brother, who had worked for the mob, is unavailable. Mickey is disheveled, with uncombed long hair; partner Dommy is slick and tries to act cool, but he's actually as inexperienced as Mickey. As they pursue their mark in a car, Dommy is continually exasperated at the repetitive questions asked by the loquacious Mickey; Dommy calls him "the most annoying person I've met in my life."
  &#160Marshall and Monahan have a good chemistry as their characters unexpectedly bond because of the time the duo is forced to spend together. To relieve the boredom while they're waiting overnight in a parking garage while the marks stays in a hotel, Dommy calls his girlfriend, the fast-talking Angie ("Denise Calls Up's" Alanna Ubach), hoping for a romp in the car seat. She brings along her friend Doozie (Shae D'Lyn) for Mickey, who becomes worried about leaving his sick father alone for so long.
  &#160The main strength of "Hits!" is Monahan's talent for writing quirky and amusing dialogue that cleverly defines Mickey and Dommy. Their comic banter holds the film together and, combined with the appealing performances of the leads, makes the two mismatched characters a likable pair. Even Sheen's brief scene contains an unusual discussion of philosophy and cigars. This is a low-budget film emphasizing conversation in a car, but director/producer William R. Greenblatt efficiently moves the vehicle into a variety of locations, including outside Le Cirque, the parking garage, and a cemetery for a chase scene. And, despite the comic tone, Dommy and Mickey finds themselves involved in gunfire, effectively adding some suspense to the mix. Starring Jeff Monahan, James Marshall, Martin Sheen and Alanna Ubach. Directed by William R. Greenblatt. Written by Jeff Monahan. Produced by William R. Greenblatt and Martha D. Humphreys. No distributor set. Comedy. Not yet rated. Running time: 83 min. Screened at Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers fest.
Tags: Alanna Ubach, Martin Sheen, Jeff Monahan, James Marshall, William R. Greenblatt, mobsters, chase, buddy comedy

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