I Got the Hook Up

on May 27, 1998 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   This urban comedy starring rap artist Master P was not only financed by the rap artist, but was written and executive produced by him as well. He also used the film's soundtrack to showcase artists represented by his record label. Master P does everything except capture the attention span of a film audience.
   Black (Master P) and Blue (A.J. Johnson) set up a wireless cellular phone business in the hood only to find that the old chips used in the new phones don't work. Because of this, the local gangster is looking to be repaid when a $70,000 deal goes wrong. While the film starts out promisingly with a comical funeral brawl and a humorous performance by Johnson, the senseless chases and unexplained affairs and alliances soon wear on the patience of the audience.    Starring Master P, A.J. Johnson, Gretchen Palmer and Tommy "Tiny" Lister. Directed by Michael Martin. Written by Master P. Produced by Jonathan Heuer. A Miramax release. Comedy. Rated R. Running time: 101 min.
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