I Married a Strange Person!

on August 28, 1998 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
   Cult animator Plympton's second feature suffers from the same problems that afflicted his first animated movie, "The Tune." It's a slight idea unnecessarily expanded to feature length. In this one, Plympton sets his sights on the venerable institution of marriage and on Grant Boyer, a clean cut hunk with a worried newlywed wife. It seems that Grant isn't all there but she can't put her finger on what's wrong with him. Eventually others, including a nasty corporate head and a gung ho military man get involved in the Boyers' troubles and mayhem, violent and sexual, ensues.
   Plympton's quite talented and "I Married A Strange Person..." has its share of funny jokes and situations. But just as often, it trails off into irrelevancy and pointlessness.    Directed, written and produced by Bill Plympton. Animated. No distributor set. Not yet rated. Running time: 80 min.
Tags: Bill Plympton. Animated, sexual, violent, mayhem, military

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