I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

on November 13, 1998 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   For those who have not seen the first installment of "Last Summer," which introduced the vengeful hook-wielding Fisherman serial killer, this sequel opens with guilt-ridden surviving character Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in a church confession booth, conveniently recapping in detail what happened and who still knows.
   Despite her harrowing adventures and troubled conscience, Julie agrees to go on a trip to the Bahamas when her best friend Karla (Brandy Norwood) wins tickets from the local radio station. Only after they've gone does Julie's boyfriend Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) discover that the Fisherman is still alive and out for blood. Unreachable at the island paradise, Julie has no idea of the danger she and her friends are in.
   Tired gimmicks, like confusing reality with nightmares and blaring scary music for false alarms, are frustrating, but the film does effectively pump the audience to the point of being ravenous for the hook-handed villain to start his spree. After a long wait, the gored bodies quickly begin to pile up, to the delight of fans of the genre. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandy Norwood, Mekhi Phifer, Matthew Settle, Muse Watson and Freddie Prinze Jr. Directed by Danny Cannon. Written by Trey Callaway. Produced by Neal H. Moritz, Erik Feig, Stokely Chaffin and William S. Beasley. A Columbia release. Horror. Rated R for intense terror violence and gore, strong language and some drug use. Running time: 101 min
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