Imagine Me And You

on January 27, 2006 by Kevin Courrier
This bland, formula romance is a predictable exercise in good taste. Rachel (Piper Perabo) is about to marry Heck (Matthew Goode), but as she walks down the aisle, she catches the eye of her attractive, free-spirited florist, Luce (Lena Headey), who starts to have designs on the bride. As Rachel works her way through a rather dull marriage, the movie raises the question as to whether Rachel and Luce are ever going to get it on. It's hardly worth the consideration. "Imagine Me and You" reduces the sexual tension between the actresses to the act of puppies frolicking. The picture resembles such British hits as "Love Actually" and "Waking Ned Devine," in that it turns literate British farce into conventional sitcom fare. The film is so concerned with squeezing laughs out of the audience that it barely takes time to make sense of the circumstances. "Imagine Me and You" leaves nothing to the imagination. Starring Piper Perabo, Matthew Goode, Lena Headey and Anthony Head. Directed and written by Oi Parker. Produced by Sophie Balhetchet, Barnaby Thompson and Andro Steinborn. A Fox Searchlight release. Drama. Rated R for some language and sexual material. Running time: 93 min
Tags: Piper Perabo, Matthew Goode, Lena Headey, Anthony Head, Oi Parker. Produced by Sophie Balhetchet, Barnaby Thompson, Andro Steinborn, Fox Searchlight, Drama

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