The Intern

on January 21, 2000 by Annlee Ellingson
   A silly spoof of the fashion industry, "Intern" caricaturizes the industry's key players, a strategy that is minimally entertaining for awhile before becoming annoying. Jocelyn (Dominique Swain) is supposed to be the exception to the rule, a perky intern slaving away for the unappreciative staff of Skirt, citing the magazine's cutting-edge photography and layouts as her motivation.

   The movie's plot, superfluous to its tongue-in-cheek objective to be an expose, involves an inside traitor who is selling Skirt's top-secret trends to a competitor. In addition to her determination to catch the infiltrator, Jocelyn sets her sights on the friendly photo editor who, despite his gentle flirtation with Jocelyn, is dating the magazine's top model.

   "Intern" is too busy poking fun at the business generally (portraying fashion editors as anorexic, deformed and diva-esque) and specifically (granting a cameo to anyone and everyone in the industry) to make any real observations. The audience never gets to see any of these chic fashion spreads which supposedly justify Jocelyn's pain and suffering, nor learn anything substantive about the ins and outs of publishing. Only occasionally funny and saccharine sweet, the film fails to gain any respect for fashion or those who determine it.    Starring Dominique Swain, Ben Pullen, Peggy Lipton, Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin. Directed by Michael Lange. Written by Caroline Doyle and Jill Kopelman. Produced by Galt Neiderhoffer, Etchie Stroh and Daniela Soto-Taplin. A Moonstone release. Comedy. Unrated. Running time: 90 min.

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