It's a Wonderful Life

on January 07, 1947 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Far removed from the beaten path is the unusual assortment of story ingredients which Producer-Director Frank Capra has smoothly blended into his first effort since doing a wartime hitch in the army. Fantasy, philosophy, some preachment for democracy, and much homespun, heart-warming chronicling of the every-day lives of every-day people are foremost among them. Only the productional and showmanlike expertness, for which Capra long has been famous, could have mixed them without permitting the results to become too maudlin or too hysterical. Here, however, they are combined to bring forth a thoroughly engrossing picture, in which sterling performances and excellence of all technical details vie for top honors. That the picture will be one of the important exhibition ventures of 1947 is assured. With the Capra and cast names, it can't miss such an exalted niche.


Do everything possible to stress that this is Jimmy Stewart's first picture since his discharge from the army, where his career was a distinguished one. The same goes for Capra. Nature of story makes for cooperative advertising campaigns with building and loan associations and local housing proj ects. For lobby display, use a collection of old pictures of your city taken many decades ago. Title suggests several obvious merchandise tieups.


Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! How Could It Be Anything Else With Jimmy Stewart in a Story Made to Order for His Homespun Talents and Charms!

It's Frank Capra's Productional Wizardry At Its All Time Best. This Heart-Warming, Tear-Tugging Story of Average Folks...

He Loved His Wife and His Town, But It Took a Silly Wish and an Angel to Make Him Realize How Much.

RKO 132 mins.

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  • damianphillips on 24 November 2020

    What they also don't advertise is that for high school math courses, students in a typical year only have to answer 54% of the questions correctly for a "Pass Proficient." It's a complete sham.

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