on May 05, 2000 by Melissa Morrison
   The title refers not to a person, but a place: the Arizona ghost town reborn as an artists' colony. The town is the destination of Wade (Drew Pillsbury), a Bakersfield factory worker who abandons his job and marriage in a stolen car. Along the way, he picks up Jane (Wendie Malick of TV's "Just Shoot Me"), a sinewy drifter who goads him down the scarier roads of complete freedom.

   Most of the time, the movie sustains a languor that suits the miles of asphalt and empty desert Wade and Jane travel. Sometimes, though, languor verges on torpor, particularly in the performance of Pillsbury, who rarely changes his expression, even when he's watching a man die. Malick, on the other hand, adds energy and is a convincingly ambiguous presence. The movie's last segment is the weakest patch, ringing false in an otherwise honest effort.    Starring Drew Pillsbury and Wendie Malick. Directed, written and produced by Eric Tignini, David Elton and Tom Johnston. A Phaedra release. Unrated. Running time: 95 min.

Tags: Drew Pillsbury, Wendie Malick, Eric Tignini, David Elton, Tom Johnston, Phaedra, Wade, Bakersfield, Jane

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