Jesus' Son

on June 16, 2000 by Kevin Courrier.
   Unlike "Drugstore Cowboy" or "Trainspotting," which de-glamorized drugs by probing the bleak lives of users, "Jesus' Son" romanticizes the drug culture by showing how down-and-out losers shoot up in order to find their dreams. And even if one major character dies of an overdose, it's presented in a way that spiritually frees another.
   Director Alison Maclean ("Crush") directs in that ironic, hip, post-modern style that substitutes smug humor for feeling. F.H. (which stands for "F---head"), is played by Billy Crudup, who earns his name by screwing up every time he attempts to help someone. The problem is that we don't know why he is helping anyone, or even who he thinks he is. Samantha Morton is his hapless girlfriend who appears in various states of dishevelment. And even though Dennis Hopper and Denis Leary turn up in tired cameos, only Holly Hunter gives a radiant glow of possibility. But by that time, "Jesus' Son" has crucified itself.    Starring Billy Crudup, Samantha Morton, Dennis Hopper, Holly Hunter, Denis Leary. Directed by Alison Maclean. Written by Elizabeth Cuthrell, David Urrutia and Oren Moverman. Produced by Lydia Dean Pilcher, Elizabeth Cuthrell and David Urrutia. A Lions Gate Release. Drama/Comedy. Rated R for graphic drug use, strong language, sexuality and some violent images. Running time: 105 min.
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