Ken Park

on August 31, 2002 by Ed Scheid
“Ken Park” continues “Kids” helmer Larry Clark's cinematic view of troubled teenagers. This film was co-directed by cinematographer Ed Lachman (“Simone”) in his feature debut. Harmony Korine, who collaborated with Clark on “Kids,” wrote the screenplay (based on characters from Clark) about four teen friends bored with life in Visalia, California. Shawn (James Bullard) is having an affair with an older woman. Tate (James Ransone) is increasingly hostile toward his grandparents with whom he lives. Peaches (Tiffany Limos) tries to hide her sexual activity from her extremely religious father (Julio Oscar Mechoso). Claude (Stephen Jasso) is continually belittled by his father (Wade Andrew Williams), and his pregnant mother (Amanda Plummer) is always smoking.

The film includes hardcore scenes with the young actors. Unlike Clark's previous films, which showed the grim consequences of aimless and amoral lives, “Ken Park” seems disturbing just to be disturbing, lacking insight into the characters and their motivations. Parental figures are one-dimensional. Behavior becomes extreme and absurd, making the film laughable. Starring James Ransone, Tiffany Limos and Stephen Jasso. Directed by Larry Clark and Ed Lachman. Written by Harmony Korine. Produced by Kees Kasander and Jean-Louis Piel. No distributor set. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 95 min.

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