L'annee Juliette

on August 01, 2008 by Lael Lowenstein
   In "The Juliet Year," a wickedly funny comedy, an anesthesiologist named Camille (Fabrice Luchini, who devours his part with the same misogyny he brought to "La Discrete") is so afraid of committing to his girlfriend that he creates an imaginary lover. When Camille's married lover Clementine (Marine Delterme) declares she's leaving her husband for him, the marriage-shy Camille takes advantage of fate.
   An airport luggage mix-up leaves Camille holding the bag of flutist Juliette Graveur, a woman he never meets but quickly designs to his specifications. Juliette is Camille's ideal woman--beautiful, talented and, of course, invisible--but her looming presence is enough to threaten Clementine into submission.
   Wryly juggling humor with a touch of social commentary, director Philippe LeGuay has coaxed a fine performance from Luchini. It's as if Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" were played for laughs, and LeGuay scarcely hits a wrong note. Beyond allowing Luchini to show off his ample comedic talents, the director also suggests that Camille's folly may have its own liabilities. Starring Fabrice Luchini, Marine Delterme and Didier Flamand. Directed by Philippe LeGuay. Written by Philippe LeGuay and Jean-Louis Richard. Produced by Alain Rocca. No distributor set. Comedy. French-language; subtitled. Not yet rated. Running time: 85 min
Tags: Fabrice Luchini, Marine Delterme, Didier Flamand, Philippe LeGuay, Jean-Louis Richard, Alain Rocca, Comedy

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