Late Marriage

on May 17, 2002 by Ed Scheid
   "Late Marriage" is set in the very conservative Soviet Georgian community of contemporary Israel. Zaza (Lior Louie Ashkenazi) is a 31-year-old bachelor whose relatives are determined to get him married. Unknown to them, Zaza is happily involved with Judith (Ronit Elkabetz), a divorcee with a young daughter. As a slightly older divorcee, Judith would be unacceptable marriage material for Zaza's traditional family.

   The film begins as a thin comedy as Zaza plays along with his family and goes through yet another meeting with a prospective bride who is treated as merchandise to be examined and traded. Zaza's relatives are portrayed as stereotyped caricatures. This "Marriage" improves when it takes a more serious tone and Zaza and Judith develop into deeper characterizations. The best scenes focus on Judith after Zaza's family finds out about the relationship and both she and Zaza are forced to a decision about their future. Starring Lior Louie Ashkenazi and Ronit Elkabetz. Directed and written by Dover Kosashvili. Produced by Marek Rozenbaum and Edgard Tenenbaum. A Magnolia release. Comedy/Drama. Georgian- and Hebrew-language; subtitled. Not yet rated. Running time: 102 min

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