Little Voice

on December 04, 1998 by Kevin Courrier
   Laura ("Life is Sweet's" Jane Horrocks) is called LV for "Little Voice" since she never speaks above a squeak-unless she's listening to the records of Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe or Shirley Bassey. In those moments, she can duplicate the style and power of each performer. When her mother ("Secrets and Lies'" Brenda Blethyn) hooks up with a rather unscrupulous talent agent, Mr. Ray Say (Michael Caine), they try to exploit Laura for their own gain.
   The ideas in "Little Voice" are musty Broadway bombast which Blethyn delivers at a shrieking pitch. And Caine must think he's still playing the creepy pimp in "Mona Lisa," because he shows none of the charm a promoter would need--even if it's low-life charm.
   The only reason to see "Little Voice" is for the miraculous performance given by Horrocks. She takes a completely unbelievable role and gives it real conviction. Horrocks goes right to the heart of a deeply intimidated person, and then transforms her. Starring Michael Caine, Brenda Blethyn and Jane Horrocks. Directed and written by Mark Herman. Produced by Elizabeth Karlsen. A Miramax release. Drama. Rated R for language and brief nudity. Running time: 99 min
Tags: Michael Caine, Brenda Blethyn, Jane Horrocks, Mark Herman, Elizabeth Karlsen, Miramax, Drama, talent, agent, intimidation

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