Losing Chase

on December 06, 1996 by Lea Russo
   In "Losing Chase," actor Kevin Bacon's directorial debut, necessity is the mother of insanity. Chase, a middle-aged married woman (Helen Mirren), goes crazy in order to avoid dealing with her deep unhappiness. Unable to ease her pain, her husband (Beau Bridges) hires Elizabeth (Kyra Sedgwick), a psychology student, to spend the summer with them on Martha's Vineyard and take care of the children. But Elizabeth has her own demons to contend with.
   At first, "Losing Chase" seems an honest and sensitive portrait of women bound together by their identity crises; neither of them are sure of who they are or what they want. Yet, in order to provide a quick solution to their characters' problems--a catalyst for change--the filmmakers sexualize the relationship. It's a cheap way out for a film that had promise. Starring Helen Mirren, Beau Bridges and Kyra Sedgwick. Directed by Kevin Bacon. Written by Anne Meredith. Produced by Milton Justice. A CFP release. Rated R for brief language. Running time: 94 min. Opens 12/6 after previous Showtime run.
Tags: Helen Mirren, Beau Bridges, Kyra Sedgwick, Directed by Kevin Bacon, Written by Anne Meredith, Produced by Milton Justice, CFP

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