Lost Embrace

on January 28, 2005 by Tim Cogshell
"Lost Embrace" is set in a Buenos Aires shopping mall; its eccentric shopkeepers are its central characters and their odd relationships provide its dramatic drive, starting with Ariel (Daniel Hendler) and his mother, Sonia (Adriana Aizenberg), and their lingerie store, where Ariel is given to providing a very personal touch to their clientele. Ariel is both the protagonist and narrator of the film. He tells us all about the shopkeepers, each with their share of secrets: the Saliganis, a large Italian family that runs an electronics store while constantly screaming at the top of their lungs; the Kims, newlyweds with a feng shui shop; Osvaldo, the suspicious stationery store proprietor on the brink of failure; Mitelman the travel agent, who's really a money changer, and his hot Lithuanian secretary; Rita, the even hotter internet shopkeeper; and the strange older man who may or may not be Rita's father. Ariel wants out and is trying to establish his Polish ancestry so he can get a European passport. Lingering just beneath the surface is the intrigue of Ariel's long-lost father and a mysterious one-armed man. It's a sweet, funny movie with just enough substance to make it better than the average quirky comedy. Starring Daniel Hendler and Adriana Aizenberg. Directed by Daniel Burman. Written by Marcelo Birmajer and Daniel Burman. Produced by Diego Dubcovsky and Daniel Burman. A New Yorker release. Comedy. Spanish-language; subtitled. Unrated. Running time: 100 min
Tags: Daniel Hendler, Adriana Aizenberg, Daniel Burman, Marcelo Birmajer, Digo Dubcovsky, New Yorker, Comedy, Spanish, shopkeepers, relationships, oddity, European

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