Lost & Found

on April 23, 1999 by Kristan Ginther
   David Spade stars as Dylan Ramsey, a relationship-impaired man who has just fallen hopelessly in love with his cello-playing next door neighbor, Lila Dubois (Sophie Marceau). Too bad she doesn't notice him--that is, until he steals her beloved dog in a scheme to win her affections while pretending to help her find the purloined pooch. Dylan makes some romantic progress with Lila until her handsome and talented ex-boyfriend Rene (Patrick Bruel) arrives on the scene determined to win back Lila's heart. It is only a matter of time before the inevitable showdown between the stud and the joker over whom the lovely Lila will choose.
   It is impossible to believe that a gorgeous, intelligent sophisitiqué would even entertain dating the grating and physically underwhelming Dylan; worse, the screenplay by Spade, Marc Meeks and J.B. Cook is slight as the protagonist's build. With jokes about dog excrement, bodily functions and old women, the film is as unfunny as it is purposefully un-P.C.
   This does not mean that "Lost & Found" is devoid of humorous moments.
   When Spade is delivering off-the-cuff, "Just Shoot Me"-style lines in his trademark sardonic style, "Lost & Found" actually works. The climactic scene in which he lip syncs and then sings Neil Diamond's "Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show" is also inspired. But the toilet humor and "There's Something About Mary" dog joke retreads lead "Lost" astray.    Starring David Spade, Sophie Marceau and Patrick Bruel. Directed by Jeff Pollack. Written by J.B. Cook, Marc Meeks and David Spade. Produced by Wayne Rice, Morrie Eisenman, Andrew A. Kosove and Broderick Johnson. A Warner release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor, brief nudity and language. Running time: 100 min.
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