Love And Death On Long Island

on March 06, 1998 by Ed Scheid
   Giles Death (John Hurt) is a stuffy British writer who thinks he's going to the latest screen adaptation of E. M. Forster, but enters the wrong theatre, which is showing the American teenage comedy "Hot Pants College II." Horrified, he gets up to leave, but is transfixed when he sees the face of one of the actors, Ronnie (Jason Priestly). He stays for the rest of the movie and becomes infatuated with the young actor. He begins keeping a scrapbook from teen magazines on Ronnie, and rents any and all videos featuring the actor, the clips from which are enjoyably overdone. When Giles seeks Ronnie out in Long Island, his quest has unexpected consequences for both men.
   It's a tribute to Hurt's immense acting talent that he can make Giles both sympathetic and ridiculous. Priestly is also enjoyable as he amusingly spoofs his own teen idol image.    Starring John Hurt and Jason Priestly. Directed and written by Richard Kwietniowski. Produced by Steve Clark-Hall and Christopher Zimmer. A CFP release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for brief strong language, thematic elements and some sexual content. Running time: 91 min.
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