Love Object

on February 13, 2004 by Tim Cogshell
There's nothing wrong with the debut feature of writer/director Robert Parigi (noted television producer of series like "Tales from the Crypt," "Dark Skies" and "Profiler") per se. It's well produced, directed and acted. But it's still a bore. Though "Love Object" is technically a dark comedy constructed as a thriller/horror, for the most part it's just plain trite, and at worst it's mean-spirited.

In any case, Kenneth ("Ghost Ship's" Desmond Harrington) is a socially inept technical writer who orders a sex doll for the obvious reasons. He has it constructed to look like Lisa ("Soul Survivors'" Melissa Sagemiller), a temp he's been assigned to work with on a special project. As he becomes involved with the human version of his desire, he becomes delusional about the plastic version. Where these delusions come from isn't clear. Still, it's the most ordinary of occurrences, and it's not remotely unexpected or interesting. Neither is the literal and metaphorical mayhem he wreaks on poor, unsuspecting Lisa, which comes off as the wrong kind of disturbing.

There are no legitimate thrills in "Love Object," the comedy falls flat and the only real horror is having to sit through the whole damn thing. Starring Desmond Harrington, Melissa Sagemiller, Rip Torn, Brad Henke and Udo Kier. Directed and written by Robert Parigi. Produced by Kathleen Haase and Lawrence Levy. A Content Films release. Comedy/Thriller/Horror. Rated R for violence, sexuality and language. Running time: 91 min

Tags: Desmond Harrington, Melissa Sagemiller, Rip Torn, Brad Henke, Udo Kier, Robert Parigi, Kathleen Haase, Lawrence Levy, Content Films, Comedy/Thriller/Horror, writer, projects, delusions, poor

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