on July 24, 1998 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   The late Lloyd Bridges stars as the head of a crime family whose unorthodox ways of dealing with situations are anything but traditional, yet he is highly respected. After an attempt on his life, his youngest son Anthony (Jay Mohr) volunteers to avenge his father. When the deed is done, he heads off to Las Vegas and gets a job running a casino. The casino does very well and the money is rolling in. (One smart would-be patron, knowing he wouldn't win, sends his money in the mail in order to save on plane fare.) Life is great until old debts and sibling rivalries reemerge. Now Anthony doesn't know who to trust and his life is in danger.
   The film starts with laughs are aplenty. Then just half the audience is laughing. Soon, only the guy in the middle of the center section is laughing, while everybody else is wishing they were still having as much fun. By the end of the film, audiences will have vacated the theatre long before the requisite wacky credits finish rolling.    Starring Jay Mohr, Lloyd Bridges, Billy Burke, Pamela Gidley, Christina Applegate and Olympia Dukakis. Directed by Jim Abrahams. Written by Jim Abrahams & Greg Norberg & Michael McManus. Produced by Bill Badalato. A Buena Vista release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor, language, violence and drug content. Running time: 87 min.
Tags: Starring Jay Mohr, Lloyd Bridges, Billy Burke, Pamela Gidley, Christina Applegate, Olympia Dukakis, Directed by Jim Abrahams, Written by Jim Abrahams, Greg Norberg, Michael McManus, Produced by Bill Badalato, Buena Vista, Comedy.

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