Me Myself I

on April 07, 2000 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
   Here we go again! If "Blind Chance," "Sliding Doors" and "Run Lola Run," movies about people who get to live alternate versions of their lives, weren't enough, we've now got an Aussie variation on this increasingly tired theme. Rachel Griffiths ("Hilary and Jackie") stars as Pamela Drury, a single, very unhappy investigative journalist who is consumed with wondering what would have happened if she'd married her one great love, Robert Dickson (David Roberts). Then an accident suddenly thrusts her into another world where she has indeed done that and has had three kids besides. The problem is that her career's been diminished--she writes superficial lifestyle articles for a vapid women's publication--and she's still not content with her lot.
   "Me Myself I" deserves some credit for not simplifying the vagaries of married life. It's not portrayed as stultifying and Robert turns out to be a pretty decent guy. It also has a couple of neat twists.
   The very appealing Griffiths and the equally likable Roberts also manage to wring some genuine emotion out of what could have been a very trite relationship. However, the film stumbles by not dramatizing the both Pamelas' travails equally. More annoyingly, the movie's main purpose is to impart some pithy life lessons as each of the Pamelas learns to improve her respective existence.
   Neither as smart as "Blind Chance" nor as gritty as "Sliding Doors," "Me Myself I" does push all the right sentimental buttons, which should make it a hit despite its shortcomings. Starring Rachel Griffiths, David Roberts and Sandy Winton. Directed and written by Pip Karmel. Produced by Fabien Liron. A Sony Pictures Classics release. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 104 min
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