Meet the Deedles

on March 27, 1998 by Dwayne E. Leslie

   Phil Deedle ("Pleasantville's" Paul Walker) and his twin brother Stew ("Hijacking Hollywood's" Steve Van Wormer) are a couple of surfer dudes with a language all their own. In Deedlespeak, this film is about two brahs who go volcanic and say a big Pass-a-dena to the idea of going to a diculous gremmie camp where they have to Hansel and Gretel. (Two brothers freak out at their millionaire father's idea of sending them to a camp where they have to fend for themselves.) But once there, they do a 180 after scorching a scenic turnout. (They have a change of heart when one of the brothers falls for a female lieutenant ranger). In an effort to making everything nutrageous and not have their huevos scrambled, Deedlemania erupts and flames a landfill heinous anus scam-meister and his sarcastic spastic henchmen's P-dog infesting plan, just before the boomerang to extreme ripping 'core action. (They foil the plans of a bad guy before returning to a life of surfing).
   Adolescents will love the colorful lingo, as older teens did in their "Excellent Adventure" days. But will adults enjoy this film? Some might be amused by the crazy situations and verbal and visual outrageousness--though they probably won't admit it.    Starring Steve Van Wormer, Paul Walker, A.J. Langer, John Ashston, Dennis Hopper and Eric Braeden. Directed by Steve Boyum. Written by Jim Herzfeld. Produced by Dale Pollock and Aaron Meyerson. A Buena Vista release. Comedy. Rated PG for language, violence and crude humor. Running time: 94 min.
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