Mockingbird Don't Sing

on May 04, 2001 by Charles Martin
The frustrating true tale of the "Wild Child"--the victim of incredibly severe cruelty and child abuse in Los Angeles in 1970--continues to enrage decent people everywhere with this look at the people surrounding the abused girl, and how they all failed to do their duty to help her. Sometimes it was due to bureaucracy, but more often it was the failings of ego or professionalism that brought new traumas to the already ruined life of the victim. The film strangely expends more effort attempting to excuse the healthcare professionals who try in vain to assist the girl (but invariably end up making things worse) than it does attempting to deliver its statement, which is about behavior--be it good, bad or the lack of any such model. This movie wants to challenge our perceptions of humanity, but poor focus is the major flaw of both the characters and the film. Starring Tarra Steele, Melissa Errico, Kim Darby and Sean Young. Directed and produced by Harry Bromley Davenport. Written by Daryl Haney. Produced by Kris Murphy. A Mainline release. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 100 min.
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