Money Train

on November 22, 1995 by Kim Williamson
   The reteaming of Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson pays in gold coinage again in this story of two transit cops who eventually find themselves robbing a runaway "money train" (which travels the rail system collecting several million bucks of fare money daily), but that's the only successful delivery this actioner makes. As contentious, Smother Brothers-like foster brothers, Snipes (as the black, dedicated-to-his-job, older bro) and Harrelson (as the younger white screwup) play off each other pleasingly, striking as many sparks as does their out-of-control vehicle in the film's fabulous finale (with an SFX nod to Sony Imageworks). Snipes + Harrelson = Fun + Fireworks.
   But much of the rest has the vaguely unpleasant aroma of a subway station. Subplots involving the brothers' rivalry over a beautiful Latina transit-beat trainee (Jennifer Lopez) and their an-tagonism toward The Boss (a jaw-droppingly bad Robert Blake) are scripted by the numbers, going no higher than 3. The hijack scene, in which all of the money guards wander away from their train, evidences the I.Q. at work here, going no higher than 60. Still, for undemanding urban audiences, Snipes and Harrelson and the frequent action sequences provide a sleek ride at the boxoffice station.    Starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Directed by Joseph Ruben. Written by Doug Richardson and David Loughery. Produced by Jon Peters and Neil Canton. A Columbia release. Action. Rated R for pervasive strong language, violence and a sex scene. Running time: 109 min.
Tags: Starring Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson. Directed by Joseph Ruben. Written by Doug Richardson, David Loughery, Produced by Jon Peters, Neil Canton, Columbia, Action

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