My Kingdom

on December 06, 2002 by Susan Green
It's a town that gave birth to The Beatles but, in Don Boyd's "My Kingdom," all Liverpool Lads are goodfellas. Sandeman (Richard Harris), a powerful crime boss, and his wife Mandy (Lynn Redgrave) have three daughters. Only Jo (Emma Catherwood) is honest, despite being a former drug addict and prostitute. Nonetheless, after Mandy's untimely demise, Sandeman turns his family business over to Kath (Louise Lombard) and Tracy (Lorraine Pilkington), scheming siblings who plot the old man's downfall. Their husbands (Paul McGann and Jimi Mistry) are nogoodniks as well. Sandeman and his grandson (Reece Noi) wander the land, pursued by a cop (Tom Bell) and various bad guys. If any of this sounds familiar, think "King Lear." But without Shakespeare's eloquent language, the update is dreary and sluggish. It also suffers from almost inaudible dialogue whenever Harris unaccountably speaks in what sounds like a raspy Don Corleone whisper. Starring Richard Harris, Lynn Redrave, Emma Catherwood, Louise Lombard, Lorraine Pilkington, Paul McCann, Jimi Mistry, Reece Noi and Colin Salmon. Directed by Don Boyd. Written by Nick Davies and Don Boyd. Produced by Neal Weisman and Gabriela Bacher. A First Look release. Drama. Unrated. Running time: 117 min
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