National Lampoon's Senior Trip

on September 08, 1995 by Jon Silberg
   For a generation of kids exposed via cable to plenty of movies whose sole raison d'etre is to seem naughty, the testosterone-engorged, feel-copping, fart-ripping, drug-toking genre exemplified here has little place anymore. What poses for a plot-line concerns a scheme by a stereotypically evil senator to discredit the president by allowing a motley crew of screw-up high schoolers to speak publicly about the state of American education.
   The rogues gallery includes a druggie troublemaker, a pretty girl desperate to lose her virginity before college, a fat kid who (you guessed it) eats and belches a lot, and the usual tired array of B-movie teens whose partying ways cause trouble until the third act, when they close ranks against the forces conniving to do them harm. This agonizingly rigid formula of faux anarchy has long been abandoned by founders Landis, Ramis and Reitman. Long may it lie.    Starring Matt Frewer and Valerie Mahaffey. Directed by Kelly Makin. Written by Roger Kumble and I. Marlene King. Produced by Wendy Grean. A New Line release. Comedy. Rated R for continuous teenage alcohol and drug abuse, and for crude sexual references. Running time: 91 min.
Tags: Matt Frewer, Valerie Mahaffey, Kelly Makin, Roger Kumble, I. Marlene King, Wendy Grean, A New Line release, Comedy, naughty, testosterone-engorged, high schoolers, desperate, sexual, drug abuse

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