Never Get Outta the Boat

on September 07, 2002 by Susan Green
The title, borrowed from the tiger scene in “Apocalypse Now,” invites cheap shots. Director Paul Quinn's convoluted “Never Get Outta the Boat” all too easily becomes an audience mantra: “Gotta Get Outta the Theatre.”

Written by Nick Gillie, also an actor in the film, this look at California junkies in a stormy halfway house tries to keep tabs on a diverse array of recovering addicts.

The drug culture must increase testosterone levels because the residents fight a lot, to the accompaniment of thumping rock music. When the same crowd finds religion, the soundtrack mellows out with songs such as Jane Siberry's “Calling All Angels.” Truth be told, there's not much in between these two extremes. “Never Get Outta the Boat” seems like an infomercial for some hallelujah 12-step program. Starring Nick Gillie, Darren Burrows and Sebastian Roche. Directed by Paul Quinn. Written by Nick Gillie. Produced by Joana Vicente, Jason Kliot and John Cusack. A Lot 47 release. Drama. Unrated. Running time: 109 min.

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Tags: drugs, John Cusack, Nick Gillie, Darren Burrows, Sebastian Roche, Paul Quinn, drug abuse, recovery, religion

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