New Suit

on May 02, 2003 by Jon Alon Walz
While “New Suit” might not be the worst film ever made, it is without question one of the worst films about Hollywood ever made.

The filmmakers of this sad, trite little movie--about a bunch of big-shot studio buffoons who get into a bidding-war battle over a non-existent script titled “The New Suit”--work desperately hard to try to both spoof and find deep insight into the Hollywood development and production machinery that, based on this film, they clearly do not understand.

Struggling screenwriter-slash-Blockbuster Video employee Kevin Taylor (Jordan Bridges) is encouraged by his gorgeous, femme-fatale blonde neighbor-slash-wannabe L.A. producer Maryann Roxbury (Marisa Coughlan) to give up his dead-end job and, like her, get a position as a useless cog for some megalomaniac executive in “the business.” Quickly slithering her way up to the top agency in town, Maryann winds up conspiring with Kevin on an ultimately successful plan to sell this fake script by a writer who no one can get on the phone.

Sure, there are a lot of stupid people working in entertainment business, but “New Suit” falls sharply off the deep end the moment logic is supplanted by Kabuki Theatre. “New Suit” feels like it was in fact based on the non-existent script in the film. Starring Jordan Bridges, Heather Donahue, Marisa Coughlan and Dan Hedaya. Directed by Francois Velle. Written by Craig Sherman. Produced by Laurent Zilber and Christina Zilber. No distributor set. Comedy. Not yet rated. Running time: 100 min.

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