Nick Of Time

on November 22, 1995 by Kim Williamson
   Just as Cindy Crawford took a lot of showers during one night in "Fair Game," Johnny Depp here makes a lot of trips to a shoeshine man (Charles S. Dutton). Ostensibly, this John Badham ("Drop Zone") thriller is about an unassuming accountant (Depp) whose little girl (Courtney Chase) will be shot by hired killers (an under-challenged Christopher Walken and Roma Maffia) unless he assassinates California's governor (Marsha Mason).
   The shoeshine scenario is just one of "Nick of Time's" slow-tempo turns. But the real problem isn't the slowness of the clock, it's that the clock keeps moving at all. When Depp's character is handed a loaded gun a half-hour in, by rights the movie is over; given his dire alternative, he would simply shoot the bad guy and call in the cavalry to rescue his daughter. When "Nick of Time" fades out an hour later with much the same ending, it's far too late.    Starring Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken. Directed and produced by John Badham. Written by Patrick Sheane Duncan. A Paramount release. Thriller. Rated R for violence and language. Running time: 88 min.
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