Nutty Professor Ii: The Klumps

on July 28, 2000 by Mike Kerrigan
   In his concert film, almost a decade and a half ago now, a boyish Eddie Murphy took a lot of flack for spending an inordinate amount of time graphically discussing bowel movements. Now pushing 40, for the star of the "Beverly Hills Cop," "Trading Places" and "48 Hours," it's still the same old stuff.

   The lowlights of "NPII" include a giant, genetically-altered hamster projectile defecating with the power and accuracy of the cannonball warfare in "The Patriot," and Murphy's Buddy Love character, who's crossed with a bit of canine DNA, making Buddy feel a pressing need to go on the paper. Then there's the other half-dozen characters portrayed by Murphy, overeaters all, and plagued by terrible flatulence. His Poppa Klump almost burns down a restaurant while standing in front of a cake covered in lighted candles.

   Aside from the scattershot scatology, there are several other revolting developments, with Grandma Klump's obsession with all things sexual at the top of the list. When she removes her dentures before disappearing below the surface of a hot tub she is sharing with Buddy, she (or at least Murphy) creates an image that's hard to shake.

   The trouble with this movie is not just that it crude and unfunny but rather that it squanders the talent of some of Hollywood's most gifted filmmakers. And include Murphy in that number. The technical wizardry, including Rick Baker's astonishing disguises, is Tinseltown at its best. The humor and subject matter is the pits.

   But the real mystery of this movie is how it qualified for a PG-13 rating. It's crammed with sex, violence and bathroom humor of the grossest kind. The very first visual has Sherman having problems with a huge erection, and it never gets more subtle than that. Starring Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson and Larry Miller. Directed by Peter Segal. Written by Barry W. Blaustein & David Sheffield and Paul Weitz & Chris Weitz. Produced by Brian Grazer. A Universal release. Comedy. Rated PG-13 for crude humor and sex-related material. Running time: 103 min

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  • EmmaCorrin on 29 December 2019

    Man i get boners at the dumbest times tho, opened the fridge the other day, saw my bacon egg and cheese, lost 3 buttons on my pants that day, heck had to get more loose fitting pants since that faithful day.

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