Office Killer

on December 03, 1997 by Dale Winogura
As funny as a hernia, "Office Killer" is just one dark joke stretched out to dreary, pointless feature length. Wildly overacting, Carol Kane plays a mousey office employee who gets back at her co-workers for persecuting her by knocking them off and placing their rotting corpses like guests in her living room. No terror or suspense occupies this tired, gloomy vacuum, not to mention wit or humor. Even as a revenge fantasy, director Cindy Sherman fails to cook up much empathy or involvement with her plodding pace and drab atmosphere. Molly Ringwald and Jeanne Tripplehorn haven't a clue what they're doing here, and it's likely the audience won't, either. Famous for her odd, disturbing photographs, Sherman's attempt at existential menace falls dismally flat.    Starring Carol Kane and Molly Ringwald. Directed by Cindy Sherman. Written by Elise MacAdam and Tom Kalin. Produced by Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler. A Strand Releasing release. Suspense. Unrated. Running time: 82 minutes.
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