One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

on November 19, 1975 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Admirers of Jack Nicholson have been predicting an Oscar for him, there being a strong feeling that his acting as R.P. McMurphy in the filmed version of Ken Kesey's novel and play will do it. That and United Artists' strong publicity campaign should help the film greatly. Aside from Nicholson, who is excellent, there are many fine performances. Film is overlong and the screenplay by Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman leaves the characters of Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher a bit ambiguous. Dealing with insanity, "Cuckoo" qualifies as an experience many will feel deeply and pass on to others. Kirk Douglas starred on Broadway in the 1963 play and held theatrical rigts which he assigned to son Michael after unsuccessfully attempting to film it. Michael and Saul Zaentz produced through Fantasy Films, subsidiary of Fantasy Records, with Czech Milos Forman as director. Filming ws done mainly at Oregon State Hospital in Salem, with full cooperation of the authorities. Some of the actors who were in various stage versions are in the cast, which includes at least two outstanding actors, 6'6" Creek Indian artist, Will Sampson, who never acted before. It could be as powerful as "Lenny." United Artists. 129 min. Starring Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Willia Redfield, Dr. Dean Brooks, Brad Dourif and Will Sampson
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