Out Of Sight

on June 26, 1998 by Cathy Thompson-Georges
   It's something of a comedown for Steven Soderbergh to go from the likes of "sex, lies and videotape" and "King of the Hill" to a big, silly summer action flick. Based on an Elmore Leonard novel, "Out of Sight" uses the oldest thriller plot in the book: sexy cop falls for sexy crook. In this case, the cop is comely Jennifer Lopez, as an FBI agent smitten with escaped bank robber Jack (George Clooney). Although they get off to a rocky start--she's kidnapped during his jailbreak--it's no surprise when these two stunners finally end up rolling around in heated bliss. But will she, a genuine Type A personality, bust him or bed him when he tries to pull the inevitable One Last Big Score?
   "Out of Sight" is a good-looking, inventively filmed movie. It also teems with terrific supporting performances, including Albert Brooks as a weasely financier, Ving Rhames as Jack's partner in crime, Don Cheadle as a psychotic thug and Steve Zahn as a criminal dimwit. And there lies the main problem with "Out of Sight": The supporting characters are far more interesting and acutely drawn than the stars. Clooney is loaded with movie star presence, but he's not much of an actor, at least not here, while Lopez plays such a buff hot mama that her character is less a person than a parody. Soderbergh's artistry in the details actually undermines the essentially commercial movie that he's making. Still, for police movie fans, "Out of Sight" is quite all right. Starring George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and Ving Rhames. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Written by Scott Frank. Produced by Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher. A Universal release. Action/adventure. Rated R for language and some strong violence. Running time: 121 min
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