Paperback Romance

on August 15, 1997 by Kim Williamson
   In this romantic comedy (aka "Lucky Break"), a writer of erotica ("Two If By Sea's" Gia Carides) lets her tales take her where she thinks her crippled leg would never allow her. When she breaks her leg, however, she has the perfect "disguise." Now uninhibited, she goes after the man of her dreams--a handsome but engaged jeweler ("Trees Lounge's" Anthony LaPaglia). Comic catastrophe follows.
   As in "Strictly Ballroom," Carides is winning onscreen, but the romance of the tale is limited by her lover's drawbacks; not only does he break hearts, he's a crook. Still, LaPaglia makes his callow crook a modestly charismatic one, meaning audiences can vote, if not root, for their ultimate union. Director/writer Ben Lewin keeps the narrative bouncing along, if sometimes too bumpily to allow the humor free rein. Starring Anthony LaPaglia and Gia Carides. Directed and written by Ben Lewin. Produced by Bob Weis. A Goldwyn release. Romantic comedy. Rated R for sexuality and related dialogue. Running time: 99 min
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