on September 29, 1995 by Pat Kramer
   "Persuasion" is a multi-textured, romantic drama set in 1814 England. Based on the Jane Austen novel, the stirring tale follows the daughter of English nobleman Sir Walter Elliot, Anne Elliot (Amanda Root), who is maligned by her family for an affair she had seven years earlier with a young naval officer. When the handsome Captain Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds) unexpectedly returns from sea, now a rich and desirable bachelor, Anne is forced to reevaluate the life she has chosen within the inherent obligations foisted on her by her family and class.
   Royal Shakespearean actress Root gives a commanding performance in her debut film role as the timid Anne. Likewise, Corin Redgrave is scorchingly snide as her widowed father, and Kevin Costner lookalike Hinds soulfully portrays a man spurned by love. This is a movie that should be seen more than once, due to the richness of the film and colorful historical period. The use of operatic and classical scoring, gorgeous visuals of the English countryside, elaborate costumes and vivid portrayal of the English aristocracy, with all its pretensions and biases, lend authenticity to the film. Apart from some minor audio problems, "Persuasion" is a truly enjoyable film that captures the time period in an amusing, revealing manner and is educational for all ages.    Starring Amanda Root, Corin Redgrave and Ciaran Hinds. Directed by Roger Michell. Written by Nick Dear. Produced by Fiona Finlay. A Sony Classics release. Romantic drama. Rated PG for brief mild language. Running time: 103 min.
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