Planet of the Apes

on April 03, 1968 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Arthur P. Jacobs, that producer who has exploded his vast energy, rampant enthusiasm and keen entertainment values upon the American movie scene of the 1960s, is following his fantasy "Dr. Dolittle" with another in that genre, "Planet of the Apes." "Fantasy" is perhaps too mild a word; "allegory" more appropriately describes the intent behind this super-science-fiction production.

   Based on Pierre Boulle's novel as written for the screen by two masters of the craft, Michael Wilson and Rod Serling, this film has the weirdest cast of characters since Charles Laughton's apeman slaves inhabited the "Island of Lost Souls" over 30 years ago.

   Three spacemen (Charlton Heston, Robert Gunner and Jeff Burton) land on a planet to find the roles of man and ape completely reversed. This fascinating premise is exploited to the fullest via the effective direction of Franklin J. Schaffner; the remarkable performances and make-up work (thanks to John Chambers); the stunning production assets, such as Leon Shamroy's spectacular Panavision-De Luxe Color photography, particularly in the early sequences shot in Utah and Arizona; and Jerry Goldsmith's incredibly apt musical score. "Planet of the Apes" should be one of the most popular films of the year.

   Tie in with promotional gimmicks using ape costumes on the street and in lobbies. Hold special performances for school science classes and local horror fan clubs.

   Man Was Hunted, Caged, Forced to Mate by Civilized Apes in a World Unknown--"Planet of the Apes."

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