Power 98

on May 17, 1996 by Susan Lambert
   What are we going to do about Eric Roberts? Here's a talented, treacherous performer who continues to vomit away his time in ridiculous drivel such as this pseudo-thriller that should never have seen the light of a projector.
   Roberts plays his usual edgy character, this time, radio shock jock Karlin Pickett who'll do anything, even kill, to get good ratings. He recruits an eager young "kid," Jon (Jason Gedrick, who seems to get blander by the role) to join him on the air. Jon eats up success, much to the dismay of his saccharine girlfriend, Sharon, played by none other than 90210's Jennie Garth. Garth and Gedrick share mind-numbingly awful scenes that are so bad, they seem from an entirely different script. Writer/director Jamie Hellman shows some promise in the opening scenes, but it's all downhill from there to a stunningly boring climax that seems perfunctory even to the actors. Roberts does prove one thing here--he'll make a great radio personality when movie audiences finally give up on him altogether.    Starring Eric Roberts, Jason Gedrick and Jennie Garth. Written and directed by Jaime Hellman. Produced by Carole Curb Nemoy, Dana Lustig and Ram Bergman. A Greycat release. Thriller. Unrated. Running time: 89 min.
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