Revolution #9

on November 15, 2002 by Ed Scheid
Jackson (Michael Risley) is a young Manhattan journalist engaged to Kim (Adrienne Shelly). He becomes suspicious that things have been moved on his desk, and his paranoia grows after receiving a mysterious computer message. He comes to believe that a commercial for perfume Revolution #9 is sending him an ominous message, suffers a mental breakdown and is diagnosed with schizophrenia that is "treatable, not curable." As Kim struggles to hold their life together, Jackson attempts to confront the director of the commercial (Spalding Gray).

A thought-provoking aspect of "Revolution #9" is that Jackson's schizophrenia is triggered by the overload of our high-tech and media-saturated society. As with his previous film, "Desolation Angels," writer/director Tim McCann gives "Revolution #9" a visual look that accurately corresponds to his main character: The askew camera angles and grainy photography reflect Jackson's unbalanced and exposed emotional state.

The intense and penetrating performances of Risley and Shelly focus on the human costs of a mental illness. But the film, while grounded in reality, seems to rush to an abrupt conclusion. Starring Michael Risley, Adrienne Shelly and Spalding Gray. Directed and written by Tim McCann. Produced Shannon Goldman, Tim McCann and Michael Risley. An Exile release. Drama/Thriller. Unrated. Running time: 90 min

Tags: Starring Michael Risley, Tim McCann, Michael Risley, Exile, Drama, Thriller, Adrienne Shelly, Spalding Gray, Directed and written by Tim McCann. Produced Shannon Goldman

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