Sacred Planet

on April 22, 2004 by Tim Cogshell
The voice of actor/director Robert Redford narrating this large-format IMAX documentary is, for the most part, a distraction. The images are what carry this 40-minute exploration of the nooks and crannies (and cultural disparities) of our earth. One is hard-pressed to remember what Mr. Redford is yakking about, though generally it's a lot of foreboding warnings about what we humans are doing to the planet. It's all probably all true, and it seems fairly serious, but it's boring. Fortunately, "Sacred Planet" is full of five-story-tall images of the islands of Borneo from the sky. It also glides over mountain peaks and through dense rainforests and into deep-sea expeditions where schools of bizarre fish seem as big as Godzilla. These are the captivating moments in "Sacred Planet," not the pleas for us all to be neater or buy electric cars.

The filmmakers also spend some time with the people of what are supposed to be native cultures living deep in jungles or deserts, as they have for generations--the odd Coca-Cola bottle or red Victoria's Secret bra strap notwithstanding. Starring Robert Redford, Tsaan Giqge and the people of the Planet Earth. Directed by Jon Long. Written by Karen Fernandez Long and Jon Long. Produced by Karen Fernandez Long and Jon Long. A Buena Vista release. Documentary. Rated G. Running time: 40 min

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