Santa vs. the Snowman (IMAX 3D)

on November 01, 2002 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
Narrated by Marc DeCarlo, the Christmas fable pits a mute snowman against a somewhat militaristic Santa Claus (Jonathan Winters). It seems that the jealous and lonely snowman, who's tried for reasons unknown to steal a flute from Santa's magic village, decides he'd do a better job than Saint Nick. His attempt at a takeover pits him against Santa's elves, who drive giant igloo robot walkers (a la "Star Wars") in a fight for supremacy over Santa's magic kingdom.

While the 3-D animation and the voicings are done well enough, "Santa Vs. the Snowman" lacks ambition and wit. Unlike the best children's films, which work on more than one level, this one's only mildly imaginative. Voiced by Jonathan Winters, Ben Stein and Victoria Jackson. Directed and written by John Davis. Produced by Steve Oedekerk and Paul Marshal. An Imax release. Unrated. Running time: 35 min. Producer Steve Oedekirk and writer/director John Davis' bid to create a perennial 3-D holiday classic falls short of said lofty goal. This animated Imax 3-D movie may entertain the kiddies, but adults and older children are liable to find it too soft

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